About the development direction of BarnBridge

There is no denying that BarnBridge’s products are a good supplement to the existing DEFI market, but after the three products were released one after another, we didn’t see that the effectiveness of the products was brought into full play and they were not accepted and familiar by the market.

To sum up the main reasons, I think there are three main points:

  1. the principle of 1)BarnBridge products is complicated, and the GAS cost is high.
  2. Marketing and operation are the missing parts, and no one continues to promote this aspect.
  3. There is no basic market and flow

In the current market situation, the utility of SY SA products should be amplified, but we have not seen this happen, which is very frustrating.

SA/SY products are a powerful supplement to the existing DEFI market, and we should stimulate their potential. I suggest that we should find a good way out for BarnBridge. I think we should merge with AAVE and embed BarnBridge’s products in AAVE project and product framework (merge).
Users of AAVE can directly choose to use SY/SA when lending business.

The reasons are as follows:

  1. Stani, founder of 1)AAVE, is an investor of BarnBridge.
    2)BarnBridge can be a good complement to AAVE (AAVE needs SA SY)
  2. technology, operation and resources can be shared
  3. Further stimulate the practical value of BarnBridge products.
  4. More benefits

I hope it will be enlightening. .
We can continue to improve and enrich the details of the plan. And send representatives to communicate with AAVE.

“Our BONDs have also been discharged all the time, for the sake of DAO and LP liquidity. If we don’t have the bond storage to continue to motivate them in the future, then our DAO and LP liquidity will all be lost. We need to stimulate the use of SA and SY products by releasing BOND, but history tells us that this has no effect, but has caused waste.
If it can be merged with AAVE, we will still get good results even if we don’t release BOND to motivate users.”
“In addition, AAVE, as a leading lending project, its appeal must not be ignored. AAVE does need products built by BarnBridge, which can promote internal and external merger to jointly build a sound and mature DEFI market.”
Some key points from Discord channel can be viewed in this link:Discord

I think that if this proposal is supported by most people including BB team and community members, Tyler and Stani can have a dialogue to discuss the possibility of merger. If both sides reach an agreement, we can discuss the details of merger, and then both community members can vote.
If both parties reach an agreement, we can discuss the integration scheme, governance and token of the products.
I hope more people can show their attitude and express more useful opinions. Let’s improve it together and push this plan forward.

Just wanted to chime in here that I’m not sure how a merger would work in action but it’s an interesting idea I wouldn’t automatically dismiss given the work you’ve put into this post. I will say it’s probably easier said than done.

I actually had one of the AAVE core devs come stay at my house over the weekend and we talked about a lot of ways to do much deeper integrations and it’s something we were both deeply interested in doing (revitalizing some of these integrations). I’ll be sure to catch up with Stani and their roadmap on Optimism because some of my ideas around it will need layer 2s but don’t seem too seemingly hard to code.

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