Artwork awarded to each Senior Bond NFT

I believe we can add value to senior bond NFTs, and increase collaboration with the art community, by having a pool of artwork that is associated with each Senior Bond NFT purchased

Have a team of artists and/or community contributions, to create a pool of art. Each time a senior bond is purchased, assign one of these pieces of artwork to that NFT.

Increase value, uniqueness and tradability of all senior bond NFTs, and facilitate collaboration with the art community

Technical details
The artwork could be assigned randomly, or could be based on the amount of the senior bond purchased

Useful Links
This pool of NFTs could be provided by an external team or created by the community, or both!

Artists should have a chance to participate directly in the BB platform, and this could make senior bond NFTs more unique, valuable, and tradeable


I absolutely agree with this idea, but the parameters and specific plans to be discussed need to be brewed

This is a brilliant idea !
One of the multiple wait to make our Senior Bond stand out of the crowd…

I think it is an idea worth exploring, though I am not sure I would apply it by default across all senior bonds. Maybe I just need to grok it better.

FWIW, this is also the case with Teller NFTs:

As art collector I totally like this idea. But maybe we don’t really need to collab with artists. It would require a lot of time and effort. I’m more likely open to idea of randomly generated art created by an algorithm like Art Blocks. This idea resonate with me. Let’s brainstorm!