BarnBridge Dune Analytics Account

At the moment, we’re leveraging 0xBoxer (who is amazing) to provide analytics to the BB team. He works for Dune and does an amazing job as an ambassador for Data, at large, in the Crypto space. He provides services to many projects and teams.

I am just putting this out there, but I do think we should think about developing a robust analytical operation that will be central to DAO decision making and Barnbridge-oriented. There are some pretty good visualizations in Dune right now, but it is limited in functionality and scope.

The paid Dune service will enable exporting that will provide ample time to prepare data models to ingest data that will eventually be API-ready. You’d then lift and shift from exported csv to API without a hitch.

I can provide more thoughts on what can be done if there is some agreement on the concept.


I think this is a good idea and would like to see more information on where you think this could go.

I think having the general competency within the DAO to build tools that help us make better strategic decision is valuable. I also thing there are a number of specific things I think we would need as Smart Yield launches and we move down our product roadmap that robust analytics tools would be helpful in supporting.


If you can find someone who can code and integrate these I don’t see why we wouldn’t do this but we need to talk to 0xBoxer about his bandwidth and then look at who can do it if they can’t.

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I have a proposal. Will share next week.

Dune is basically only limited by the functionality of postgreSQL.
I haven’t pulled all my cards yet and have learned a ton since building out the original Dashboard, so I am not sure if I subscribe to your statement of “Dune is limited in functionality and scope”.
Dune is limited by those who use it and some visualisations are not possible, but overall I think it is the most robust and in depth ETH blockchain analytics tool there is right now and is being used by all kinds of projects and actors in the space to come to sound analytics data.

I think there is some merit to exporting dune data via .csv and feeding it into other database systems and am open to cooperate on such efforts, but basically you always run into the issue of “O man somebody has to download the .csv again and feed it to the database”, basically making live reporting impossible.

Optimally DAO’s have a twofold strategy between Subgraphs and Dune in my mind.

Feel free to DM me for .csv data so you can start working in your database of choice, but in the end I think it is not a sustainable way of achieving results due to the aforementioned issues.

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@0xBoxer I respect your opinion and your viewpoint. Your expertise is critical to the success of any data project that BarnBridge moves forward with and no doubt, you’ve provided more data than anyone else. I’ll provide more clarity to my suggestion with a complete proposal next week.

The underlying premise is that Dune is limited and is not an analytics/business intelligence platform (i.e. Tableau, PowerBI, QlikView, Microstrategy, etc.). It is a fantastic data provider. In my 10-15 years in analytics in the biotech/pharmaceutical industry (a very mature space), I’ve worked with great data providers - from IMS to IQVIA to Veeva to Wolters-Kluwer to Symphony and so on. None of their customers use them natively as an analytics platform. It isn’t how a robust data operations work in the real world-- especially when there are multiple sources.

Again, your expertise is critical to BB’s success, so I’m looking forward to sharing the proposal with you and walking you through it for your thoughts.


Greater analytical tools are certainly necessary. Happy to explore with the community the right approach.

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