bb_cDAI what to do with it....where to find technical help

I looked for a Discord forum as suggested in the prior post and didn’t find it. So if anyone can post a link I’m happy to move my question there.

I’m a new user so please forgive the obvious ignorance about how this works. From what I can tell I have converted Dai to bb_cDAI and it is hanging out in my wallet waiting to be staked in the Compound part of the interface. I never Staked it. Now I’m realizing that this Pool doesn’t show any return and very few funds. Can someone help me understand what to do with the bb_cDAI in my Wallet? Is this pool likely to become active eventually? Is there a place where I can convert bb_cDAI back to Dai ? Or another way to make use of it?

Many Thanks

The cDAI pool is the only non incentivized BOND pool. While holding your bb_cDAI you are earning yield from compound. If you wish to withdraw go to Smart Yield —> Portfolio —> Junior Positions —-> Positions —-> Withdraw.

If you need more help. Ping me in the discord. @Mike987

Thanks Mike…Discord asks for a 4 digit code after your user ID to identify you…am i on the wrong Discord?

Sounds like I need to go ahead and Stake the bb_cDAI i have and then I can withdraw it back into DAI if i want?

I guess I’m not fully understanding how this works. the bb_cDAI Pool says APR:0, Bond daily rewards: 0. Is the incentive the Bond? Shouldn’t the APR be nonzero?