Cannot Unstake BOND

I am unable to withdraw my BOND from the yield farming pool. It says it ended on February 8th but I can still withdraw. When I try to withdraw and click “Max” the “unstake” button is grey. I have a balance that shows up, but wallet balance shows zero. Also, before trying to unstake, I claimed the rewards. Now, the small rewards balance shows up in Zerion under “staked balances” still on BarnBridge; however, when I go to uniswap and put the bond addresss in as though I am going to swap, it shows zero balance. Anyone who can help me get my staked tokens out?

Maybe is better to find help on Discord for this issue sir :slight_smile:

You are correct. I was trying all outlets. I finally received a response on Discord. One response every 16 hours. I guess that’s common?