Community Steward Position

Proposal for the creation of a formalized Community Steward position. This position will be composed of a member of the BarnBridge community. The role of the Community Steward will be to create, facilitate, and maintain an inclusive environment for community members to increase their knowledge and understanding of current and future BarnBridge products, as well as serve as a neutral publisher of governance proposals following community debates.
Creation of this position recognizes the diversity amongst the BarnBridge community and the need for a more active role in providing an inclusive environment through this period of rapid growth.

The Community Steward would have the following roles and responsibilities:
• Represent BarnBridge in discussions within the official BarnBridge discord where applicable.
• Serve as a point of contact for disputes or issues which arise within the BarnBridge discord.
• Apply enforcement of community standards and rules
• Address FUD while encouraging constructive and educational conversation

The Community Steward would be compensated from the protocol treasury with 150 BOND for the first quarter. This figure may be reassessed quarterly per BOND price volatility but shall not exceed a quarterly USD sum of $12,500.

The Community Steward would be held accountable via the following guardrails and restrictions:
• BarnBridge core team will maintain a public whistleblower email address for tips regarding any wrongdoing or harassment by the Community Steward
• BOND holders will have the right to recall the Community Steward quarterly in favor of a more preferred candidate
• BarnBridge Core Team will retain the right to remove the Community Steward in extreme circumstances

The Community Steward will undertake reasonable efforts to provide transparent reporting via the following channels:
• Standardized monthly summary of issues and resolutions
• Regular participation in community calls and the Bi-weekly office hours

BarnBridge has created an atmosphere of accessibility and transparency which is unrivaled in the DeFi space. As such this has created an unintended consequence with regards to the timeliness of responses to requests for information. The singular most important role of the Community Steward is to take on the responsibility of addressing menial issues which detract from the Core Teams time and attention needed for the continued development and advancement of BarnBridge products.

Additionally, BarnBridge consists of a multinational core team which serves an international community. This diversity creates unique cultural and communication gaps. It would be the Community Steward’s responsibility to identify and bridge these gaps while maintaining a positive image for BarnBridge.

In addition to objections against the position itself, any feedback regarding the proposed structuring of the position, its compensation, and its guardrails is welcomed.


Good idea. Let the team focus on the products. Did I read or see somewhere you (@Ser_Oliver) reached out to the team to fulfill this role?

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Quite a few have offered to serve in this capacity. I would not say no if the opportunity presented itself.

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I think this is something we need for sure do.

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In general I like the idea, but I feel like the compensation for this role seems fairly high given the nature of it. I’d probably feel more comfortable setting the compensation at about half of what is proposed. It’s basically a discord moderator position, and people do this for free elsewhere. I like the idea of compensating someone for their time and efforts though, so I am in favour generally of it!


Agreed. This surely isn’t a bad idea, but if it’s basically a discord moderator position I think lowering the max expense would make sense. Would like to hear other thoughts from the community.

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I think this position is needed, as I see core team members performing this role and always think they have more important things to do than to police the discord.

Regarding compensation, I don’t think this amount is out of line if this is a full time position and there are other responsibilities in place. With the CB listing, there will be more and more people popping on to the discord and asking questions that need to be answered in a professional manner. The other day I witnessed a new guy come on asking how to get his BOND off CB and into the DAO to stake. Guy was asking for help and got laughed at by a discord member, which after the fact that member realized his mistake and apologized, but in my opinion that should never happen. This position doesn’t prevent that, but with time will hopefully help shape the way discord members interact with the current community and new members.

I believe this position will be very time consuming at times and slow at times, so I propose that given the compensation, the Community Steward also is responsible for creating answers to FAQ that come up in the DAO and are pasted in a FAQ channel that only core members can post in. Also, if the compensation is going to stay at $12,500 a quarter, the responsibilities of this position should be flexible and change as needed over time. This is a growing company and positions that people fill should be flexible as growth happens, which is the reason the creation of this position is being discussed.

I can’t say I have seen too many questions from new people go unanswered in Discord, but could certainly be wrong. At the same time, I haven’t felt like the team has been required to spend too much time focusing on things like this either. As our community grows I think we could promote more Sers to effectively self govern at no expense. That said, if the core team were to say that not having this role funded by the DAO is a distraction from product or business development I would be immediately behind this 100%.

I think it is a good idea to consider in the future, but at this point (and especially at that level of compensation) I do not believe it is worth the benefit the DAO would be receiving. If we start seeing an amount of activity that we can’t keep up with in Discord I definitely would be in favor of revisiting this and voting on a part time role funded by the DAO.


I think this is very important, specially because we are about to see a ramp growth in the community of people making questions that are time consuming to answer.

In regards to compensation. $138.88 p/day for a full time job that demands you to be online even weekends sounds fair to me, perhaps the Steward can even hire an assistant if they need a break, but that can come from his(her) own budget. Also, if someone commits to this position it has to be someone that is passionate about the project and is here for the long haul, for this reason I think it makes more sense to set the compensation in $BOND rather than USD, regardless of $BOND price action.
I’ve found that a way to justify expenses or salaries is by results. In this case, I would suggest that the Steward delivers a weekly or biweekly report to the community with important data to understand the communities growth (i.e. # of new members, activity rating, most common questions, member ranking (1 month old, 3 months old), etc.). In general, a community moderator in steroids.
Something I love about the BB Discord/community is that I get competent answers almost always, It will be sad if that shifts to a more call center type of answer in which I get scripted answers and rarely rational thinking. So the right Steward has to be chosen, compensated and rewarded accordingly for an outstanding job.


To be clear I’m not against creating this position, I’m just not convinced this is the most valuable use of our resources right now especially considering the community seems to effectively be handling this responsibility collectively for free. I think the argument for this is needs to ultimately be that we believe this is necessary to grow our community because we believe that will further decentralization and will create more people who are willing to spread the BarnBridge gospel to potential users of our products or have governance power in other strategic protocols for us.

My argument (hot take) against is that I don’t believe we need to cater to normies who just got $3 in BOND on Coinbase and maybe bought more to speculate on the price of our governance token. If we can convert them into users or active governance participants I do see that as being valuable, but I am skeptical that happens. My concern is that we are really just onboarding Discord members who are going to trash the product and question the core team when the price dips.

My vote would be to consider the opportunity cost of this and maybe spend this on hiring dev talent or get more business development / integration people to spread the BarnBridge gospel to TradFi and other protocols. More than happy to change my opinion with some debate, just some concerns I have.


Between the Discord, The forum, Twitter and a constant stream of information which is already available; I don’t feel the need for an additional position like this.

It’ll only create parallels about “community mods” from the Telegrams and Discords of projects where the mods and the teams are anon while these people are there just to control the sentiment.

BarnBridge has a far more professional presence especially with the substack by @Ser_M and presence of all the team members and devs in the discord itself.