Define & Elect Treasury Management Team

BarnBridge has one of the largest Treasuries among all DAOs. As Max has noted in several of his pieces, these $BOND are sitting idly. With recommendations from the Community popping up right and left on how to deploy these funds - rightfully so - I’d like to propose that we elect a Team to formulate a core Strategy by which tactics can be analyzed for their potential, then deployed. The characteristics of the Strategy Team members are up for discussion, but I propose the following:

  • 1 individual with Active Management experience in Traditional Finance. Must have Traditional Finance experience in this area.

  • 1 individual with high Analytical capabilities to test and compare Tactics (that tie back the Strategy) to present to the Teams. Must have experience in analytics or finance.

  • 1 individual to research opportunities to bring back for analysis. Must have experience in DeFi as an individual investor and can demonstrate an overall understanding of the space.

This Team has a mandate to present and update the Community regularly. They have fiduciary responsibility and must regularly share their individual portfolio (in %'s, not absolutes) for transparency.

This Team DOES NOT have full control of Treasury funds. Every tactic must be passed in Snapshot vote. Quorum and approval rate up for discussion.


Thanks for pulling this together - I really like this idea! If the team is formed, I think it would be cool to see the core strategy summarized into an investment policy document which could be further debated, refined, and then approved via Snapshot. This would add transparency to the criteria which treasury decisions are being made, acting as position level screener for assets added as well as a way to ensure we don’t become overly concentrated. Also would be an important tool to have criteria to evaluate positions on an ongoing basis to support closing a position.

I was also thinking it would be valuable to have someone involved with this group looking at the use of treasury assets to further our interests in other protocols that we see as being important to our future purely from a political standpoint. Doesn’t have to be a 4th person although it could be - basically would be a liaison with the integrations team.


Sounds really cool! Let’s do that!

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This is definitely a cool idea in terms of long-term development, but it still needs a long time of discussion, search and business running-in, because it seems to cover everything except development, and we must take it seriously. Let’s put it here and keep fermenting

Leo - I disagree with the lack of urgency on this. I do agree that we should continue to discuss and ensure that it is as close to the ideal, as possible.

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I like and support this idea!

To expound upon what @Link_of_riche stated

Treasury management will overlap with a number of other areas we are currently just standing up. It will have to coordinate with priorities like key partnerships, external communities we want to build influence within, and other long term strategic imperatives.

Taking initial steps with communities like Bancor for one, and AAVE as we roll out AAVE on Smart Yield will allow us to take some initial steps that would inform a potential treasury management approach that takes the other aforementioned priorities into consideration.

A few other inputs that would inform a treasury management approach include integrations and partnerships that come through the integration team and access to data that the data squad has started to think through.