Direct pool fees to jtokens

Deploy collected pool fees to jtokens for additional treasury value accrual, senior token support and participate in jtoken staking for BOND reward accrual.

Smart yield is set to launch within a few days. Per many community discussions and project management calls a pool fee is scheduled to be charged for jtoken entrances and stoken exits. This proposal suggests that a portion (TBD by DAO) of this fee be directed into the jtokens indefinitely.

By directing protocol fees into jtokens the treasury can support Sr. yields, hopefully provide additional return to the treasury and participate in the soon to be launched jtoken staking pool for BOND rewards.

Technical details
All farmed BOND rewards earned by treasury jtokens will be distributed proportionally to staked DAO participants.

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  • Potential value accrual for treasury.
  • Added support for stoken yield.
  • Limited time BOND farming opportunity


  • Potential capital loss.
  • Community may not approve of BOND farming.
  • Low priority

DAO Vote

I agree with your point of view. At present, BOND is only used for governance voting, and there are no more application scenarios. If you want to increase its value, you need to design an economic system, such as the agreement fee for capturing SY mentioned by you, or other repurchase and destruction.