Floki - New Smart Alpha Pool


Simple request, deploy Smart Alpha pools to both Ethereum Mainnet and Binance Smart Chain for Floki Inu.


This proposal requests the deployment of Smart Alpha contracts to Ethereum Mainnet and Binance Smart Chain for $FLOKI.


To date, Smart Alpha pools have focused on traditional/Defi assets, WETH, WBTC, SUSHI, LINK etc.

FLOKI represents a unique opportunity for BarmBridge to showcase Smart Alpha to a new user base and community who may not be familiar with our protocol. Plus increased exposure to Smart Yield, Smart Exposure, the DAO.

Significant community support seen here: https://twitter.com/erindana/status/1459586928462946309?s=21

Technical details

No chainlink oracle exists at the moment, we will need to wait until one is established or source a viable alternative.

I’d recommend a boot camp to familiarize/educate the community with Smart Alpha and our protocol though AMAs or hosted office hours within the FLOKI discord server.

Useful Links

Mainnet Token Address: https://etherscan.io/token/0x43f11c02439e2736800433b4594994Bd43Cd066D

BSC Token Address:
Contract Address 0x2B3F34E9D4B127797CE6244EA341A83733DDD6E4 | BscScan




  • Large number of holders.
  • Increased exposure for Smart Alpha.
  • Expanded pool offerings on BSC.
  • Smart Alpha education bootcamp.


  • Asset is too volatile.
  • Chainlink price feed needed.
  • Leverage/Protection curve too steep.
Add Smart Alpha FLOKI pools?
  • Yes
  • No

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DAO Vote



I’m FOR listing Floki. I believe they’re already in the process of getting a Chainlink feed up in a few days.


This is something I am excited to see as I think we need to be fairly token agnostic and go to where we see the need for Smart Alpha regardless of whether or not we personally would or would not own the token. I agree that we need stress product education when onboarding a large group like we would hope would come from this. Finally, my “Yes” vote is contingent on a Chainlink price feed which it sounds like is coming soon so should not be a problem.


If top exchange are listing dog-meme-shitcoins I don’t see any issues to create pool for this one. Even 1% of these users to come for the pool and stay because of the product (BB) then all this is worth the effort.


I need floki 1111111111


Floki deserves to be listed look at the factsss!


Lets do it! I don’t see reason why not.


Some quick follow-up:

We need to educate the FLOKI community now on the importance of maintaining a reasonable senior/junior pool ratio.

Anything at the extremes and the pool can’t provide the protection or leverage depositors are expecting.


Me like Floki, you list Floki so me happy more. Yes


Let’s do it, strike the iron while its hot!


What a win-win proposal!


FLOKI to the moon! LFG! :rocket:

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I also support this proposal request and agree the advancement in educational awareness and opportunity. This is a prime opportunity.

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I am also for listing Floki. Its has proven it self to be more than just a meme coin. More listings more money also for the development off the coin and to straighten the community.

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$FLOKI #FLOKI Inu adalah crypto gerakan rakyat, crypto dengan fundamental yang kuat, pemasaran marketing yang agresif.
FLOKI adalah crypto untuk rakyat. Terbukti dan jelas bahwa FLOKI membantu sekolah sekolah untuk anak anak diseluruh dunia. Anda bisa di Ghana misal nya, lihat betapa memperihatinkan. Diusia sekolah mereka sangat minim mengenyam pendidikan formal. Tapi FLOKI datang untuk mereka, FLOKI mejudkan harapan dan cita cita mereka!

FLOKI nyata
FLOKI ada untuk Rakyat

As an crypto analist and journalist i say YES for listing Floki.

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this is a great opportunity, I’m all for Floki!

If anyone here can show me how to buy floki inu for cheap prices then tell me, will ya? I only started investing in cryptocurrency a few months ago. Ngl, I had my doubts about these kinds of coins. But after doing my researches, it seems to me that Floki is indeed very trustworthy, hehe. I really hope that the price won’t fall in the near future

$FLOKI is on 16 Centralized Exchanges (and growing)
Audited by CERTIK and Solidity.
Liquidity locked for 265 Years.
Contract is Multi-Sig.
Marketing wallet is Multi-Sig.
Admin/Dev Team is Doxxed.
Millions Donated to Charity.
NFT Marketplace and Metaverse.
Utility Partnerships.