Formalize growth marketing engagement: Erin Dana & team + BarnBridge


Formalize a DAO-funded engagement between Barn Bridge and our team for continued growth marketing services.


The marketing and partnership efforts the last few months have shown that the increased awareness and education can directly result in more TVL. The work done on social media and new partnerships (Floki) has been quite beneficial to growth and gaining momentum.

This proposal is to continue those efforts as there are plenty of open opportunities for growth.

We’ve come up with a marketing plan for 2022 and already begun executing on it: Barn Bridge [PUBLIC] Marketing Plan.pdf - Google Drive

We’d essentially be working just for equity in this engagement as we deeply love and value both the BarnBridge products and community.


We have seen both increased awareness (new people introduced to the BarnBridge community) and growth in TVL from efforts in the last several months.



  • Capture interest from relevant prospective users
  • Grow TVL
  • Position BarnBridge as the default risk management product suite
  • Community education and development


  • Cost associated with the engagement.

DAO Vote

Allocate 8,000 BOND for 12 months – to be paid in monthly instalments


I’m in full support of this and think it’s a precursor to how we can begin to get the community more involved. Having had run a service based business before, I think we can think of this as we are paying for a team… not a singular person.


I’ve been advocating for a more structured approach to marketing, which is no way meant to belittle Erins previous endevours and am pleased to see that finally there is some recognition that marketing needs to be on more than a “part time basis” and support this proposal


Education is everything. Erin has been a standout BarnBridge marketer in her own right, but getting funds can amplify and refine messaging and tactics. It’s def time to build out cohorts and targeted messaging to each of those groups. Good stuff!!


Erin has performed a tremendous service in marketing so far and with the “new” BARN token being proposed we will need further exposure to grow the protocol. I’m in favor of this and look forward to the continued growth and acceptance of Barnbridge. Thank you for the proposal and all your hard work!


I’m also strongly in favor of this. Thank you Erin for everything that you have already done to further our position in the market and grow community/users. A few suggestions I think we should consider to strengthen this proposal:

  • I would like to see the allocation increased by 2,000 BOND with the expectation that on a monthly basis approximately 150 BOND will be provided to other community members who volunteer to contribute to the marketing plan (distributed at the discretion of Erin).

  • Establish a monthly marketing recap meeting or give time in an AMA each month where Erin / team discusses highlights from the past month, shows progress made toward the metrics in the “for” section of the proposal argumentation, gives an high level overview of the plan for the next month, and identifies key areas for the community to focus on to assist in the success of the plan.

Just a general comment about DAO services. I was debating if we should consider setting a general USD amount that we expect to pay monthly to protect us / Erin from price volatility. For other types of DAO services I think the answer is likely “yes”. For a marketing service I like that this incentivizes actions that contribute to value accrual to the protocol (presumably drive an increase in token price). Also we know that it shouldn’t impact what we get out of it if the token goes down in value since Erin has been contributing this for free so far.

I support this fully as well. Erin has done great work here and I think the pricing is very fair for the potential value here.

With some tweaks to the products and maybe incentives here and there I think there is a lot of revenue to tap into.

I also work in the web dev space and have some marketing experience so if needed I can help here and there as well. Rooting for BarnBridge!

I support this, but wondering if this can be done by using UMA KPI Option? So we can track the progress and impact on TVL of this marketing engagement and pay accordingly?