Integration with Enzyme finance

Enzyme finance is appealing to fund managers and possibly to institutional investors.
I think it would be beneficial to both platform if SmartYield was available on Enzyme.

Compound and Aave are part of their investment assets so I am convinced the investors would be interested in SmartYield.

Their TVL is still small but they are growing quite fast. A good thing is that Mona El Isa (C-founder) has a background in traditional finance so she certainly has some contacts in that industry.


Excellent idea. I actually have a fund on Enzyme - not going to do anything until there is clarity around ERC-20 securities (or not), etc. - and I think it is the future for hedge funds to trade transparently for their Customers.

You don’t need permission to start working on this. Jump on the Discord and feel free to ask how to go about this.

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