Last Degen Standing SMART Alpha Competition

Every week, SMART Alpha pools determine a winner depending on how the underlying asset’s price moved. Users who are able to pick the right side wind up with more of the underlying asset. A user who correctly chooses the right side every epoch is effectively accumulating the underlying asset and possibly increasing the dollar value of their position, week in and week out.

The stories that could come out of someone nailing this dynamic for consecutive epochs could prove to be spectacular. In particular, going into the senior side for a large drop and then correctly moving to the junior side to catch a mean-reversion bounce while others were fearful could result in significant gains in a short period of time.

I’m proposing we host a “Last Degen Contest” that leans into this dynamic by highlighting users who are able to string together the best streak.

  • Create a Proof of Attendance Protocol (POAP) NFT for each week

  • Distribute it to addresses who properly decided that epoch and which own the previous epochs’ winning POAPs (excl. for the first week’s distribution)

  • Crown the person(s) that receive the last wave of POAPs (i.e. when there is no longer who picked right that epoch but had all of the preceding POAPs)

The winner would get a sum of money and bragging rights. The reward should probably be a flat sum or x% of average deposit size, whichever is higher.



This is a really good idea. The cross community engagement opportunities for this running contest are something special. The recurring marketing updates would be engaging even for those not participating.

I’d add something else like a BTMFD badge for someone who catches 35% down and flips to juniors for a large gain the following week. The inverse opportunities are there as well for a PnD Badge.

The monetary value of the reward is trivial. Keep it simple and make it 1 ETH.

Proof of Alpha Prophet
Proof of Alpha Participation
Proof of Ape Participation

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With gas fees as high as they are won’t this challenge be somewhat limited to fairly large investors? What would the cost be to mint and distribute all these NFTs? Otherwise it’s a pretty cool idea. I think the reward should primarily be bragging rights though.

I’d think SA on Polygon will be launched in 90 days or less.

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I’m in favor! Great idea to foster enthusiasm as well as friendly competition. POAPs would be an easy reward week to week. Maybe an “exclusive “ NFT for the overall winner! Let’s add some fun to something tradfi hasn’t!

What about some long-term dashboard, where people can jump into specific automated strategies created by users with the audited past performance?

Very simmiliar to strategies on tokensets, where people define the strategy parameters and people can easily jump into transaparent strategy with past performance avaiable.


Definitely a fan of this idea.

I think that it will actually help attract more people to use the product in a weird way. It would be interesting to look at something like Numerai and even asking them to incorporate this in some way.

Allowing someone to delegate to a user is a killer idea.


Oh wow. Great idea @m0xt. Delegation or wallet mirroring is killer.

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Yeah this is a good idea, I remember i use to follow traders trades a long time ago. it showed me their win percentages etc. That made it easy for me, I’m not sure why it won’t work with SA and the other products too.

It’ll be cool if art can be attached to the NFT with a bad ass James Bond quote. The NFT can be a perpetual PROOF OF ATTENDANCE that get’s the image updated (partnering with UNIVERSE XYZ) using a sort of not-random scramble contract.
The art can be updated to count consecutive good choices and/or last good choice. This way the NFT can become through time a sort or on-chain certification of SMART Degen.
Also . . imagine, depending on your historical consecutive good choices you become a different actor (copyrights for the images will need to be cleared, or simply create original art inspired on each version of the actors).


I like the game component of this, it has a lot of potential for advertising also. Like, if eventually you attach metrics to each NFT, this can become a DeFi social media.

I’m not a designer but here is a cheap sample:
Screen Shot 2021-09-14 at 7.31.52 AM