Listing on

Any thoughts as to why we’re not listed on

Feel like we’d be in the top 20 based on TVL alone, plus the exposure would be good for the project

Eventually, yes. For now, we first need to fix our incentives ‘problem’ to boost TVL. Once we have the feeling the product works (TVL from Pool 1 rolls into SMART Yield), we could apply for a listing.
You can only make a first impression once.
That’s why I like it when Tyler says on YouTube that he told CEX’s not to list us. Better to wait and make sure the product works.


It depends I think on Defipulse should be how much TVL is in Smart yield not in governence. So due to ongoing farming in pool1 i’d be for it after pool1 ends and some liquidity move to SY and I think that’s also the plan to move forward (listing and be part of Defipulse etc) after pool1 ends. From my point of view we are still in a process of making the product as good as it could be, till we should care about things like this one.


I found out that we are already listed at defipulse. → BarnBridge | Stats, Charts and Guide | DeFi Pulse

Yes, we got listed there :raised_hands:

As this idea has been already implemented, I am going to close the topic if there are no additional requests here.

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