Need to SEO Optimize the website

I have been doing SEO for 17 years and am surprised how unoptimized is relative to other projects. I now have 1k governance tokens so I want to see us be successful. We can significantly boost our visibility in Google but not with the current configuration of the site. E.g. we have tons of massive images like this that are making the page take 35 seconds to finish loading the home page.

. Has anyone thought about optimizing the site so we get traffic from google?

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Hey perez,

Thank you for bringing it up!

We actually have a lot of traffic from Google and have worked on SEO too. The website is built on React so we had to use Next.JS so Google can properly index the pages.

This image has been just added to the website and we probably missed the size part of it. I’ll make sure it gets optimized.

Feel free to reach out to me on Discord if you have any other ideas or suggestions.