Neutral Strategy USDC secure APY 30+ % (truly between 50-100% APY)


In the defi space, everyone want the best APY with the minimum risk.
I made a research and build a viable strategy base on a multiples protocols.
I developed a neutral strategy that can generate a least 30 APY% with a low risk factor directly paid in USDC. I look forward to contribute with you guy. (sorry for any miss spelling My english is not my first language)


My strategy is base on a multi protocol audited.

  1. deposit usdc in Barnbridge vault strategy neutral market (to be created → BstUSDC)
    1.Proxy deposit USDC in AAVE or Compound via INSTADAPP (earn 3% ish INST)

  2. Borrow 60% USDC from AAVE or Compound (Paid 3-4% usdc )

  3. Deposit 50% the borrow usdc in DyDX exchange ( earn (open position )% dydx )

  4. Open Short postion at 1.25x leverage (earn ± 30-150 % funding rate)

  5. Deposit 50 % the rest of usdc in perpetual exchange

  6. Open long position at 1.25x leverage (earn ± 30-200% funding rate)

  7. Convert Dydx and INST monthly in BOND.

  8. holder of barnbridge BstUSDC earn reward every month claimable in bond. (exemple 1 millions USDC result after 1 month of:
    A. 120 INST → 1000 usdc
    B. ?? dydx base on (open position/total volume market ) estimated 300
    dydx ->? usdc no price listed from now
    C. 9200 USDC from funding rate (base on 30% APY funding rate)
    D. 100 $ in treasury
    F. paid usdc COMP or AAVE pool every 3 monthy

  9. 1% go to the barnbridge treasury for futur dev.


Attract more user on BOND for a nice strategy and add more value on Bond systeme.

Technical details

Need to create a pool on Barnbride for BstUSDC .
Need a proxy wallet on INSTADAPP for open vault on COMP or AAVE
Open a dydx account (reach team)
Open a perpetual account (reach team)
audit protocol BstUSDC

Useful Links

Link to all of the materials necessary for the proposal to be better understood.
For better understanding


Describe some reasons

minimum 30% apy in usdc
3% in INST
?% in dydx
neutral stategy


to risky
na 30 % is low

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