[Snapshot Discussion] China Community Management Squad

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Please use this thread to discuss the implementation of such a squad, to raise any concerns you may have, and to get to know Leo better.


Many thanks to the BB core team and integration team for their trust and recommendation.
I’m Leo, from China, with five years experience the encryption of currency and financial background, a former block chain product manager and project director, as well as some encryption platform and exchange service, have certain industry resources in China, familiar with China’s encryption monetary industry and marketing model. Thank you for your attention!
Friends if you have more questions can put forward here or in discord, I will continue to focus on and answer seriously.


Hello Leo, I’m glad you put yourself forward for this role and agree it is needed. I do have one question though:

Why is your compensation denominated in BOND as opposed to dollars? Wouldn’t the latter make more sense for the community and for you?

Thank you for your question. I think the reason is that the position I am about to assume does not complete belong to the BB staff, and my compensation can only be put forward by DAO, and then sent to an ownership contract after approval. If the price of BOND is changed in USD, the amount of BOND compensation that can be requested every week is not fixed, which will make it difficult to set parameters in smart contracts.The current quantity is a fair quantity obtained by the possible trend of BB in the next three months, and the determined quantity will be beneficial to the parameter setting of the ownership contract.After three months, the community will readjust according to the price of BOND, and then once again give a reasonable and fair amount of compensation

Okay, that makes sense, but three months in crypto is like 3 years in the “normal” world. Perhaps a shorter interval between reviews might work?

Because every approval needs to launch a national DAO vote, I think that if the treasury has the agreement income, it will be directly compensated with stable currency, which will be easier and more convenient to measure, or it will be directly authorized to the integration team or BB team for multiple signatures. In fact, the current conversion price is low, but I am willing to accept it because I am optimistic about it and it will also run in an interval

In fact, the compensation of the integration team also runs in this way. The BOND with a real-time value of 60,000 US dollars is distributed to an ownership contract, and then evenly distributed to each week. In the future, the overall value may not be worth the original 60,000 US dollars, or it may be higher, but the whole is fixed.

Thanks for your prompt response.

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Leo, i have a question and maybe thats just the more general idea around the whole compensation system.

I can imagine that some part of your compensation you immediately swap into USDC or some stablecoin to cover your living costs. Would not make sense to compensate you partly with stablecoins? The idea is to reduce inflation and all compensations paid in BOND are “looking from the future potential price” quite expensive atm. If you sell 50% of your compensation on the markets, we could save that 50% of BONDs and compensate you in stablecoins, which we have in the treasurry.(fees generated)

So the question behind is like to minimize the BOND compensation to the ammount which you hold in the long term.

I mean even the team members who are immediately swapping their BONDs into stables - fiat to cover their living costs.

Thank you for your question. I can answer this question clearly. I will not sell it in the market.
I am a firm believer. lol
In fact, I have enough savings to pay for my living expenses in this quarter.
I think in the next quarter, when BB’s governance system and financial aspects tend to be perfect, it will consider directly using USDC in the national treasury revenue for payment. The same is true for the integration team

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