Structuring a hackathon for SMART Yield

SMART Yield Seniors could essentially be used as a fixed rate vesting stable coin asset.

For certain kinds of payer > payee contracts it can be used as a way to pay up front for work that may go for some time into the future. So SMART Yield Seniors could act as a “proof of funds” that the payee would receive sometime in the future for work yet to be completed in the future.

All in all this could remove some level of counterparty risk for fixed fee type contracts like salaries. More simply it could be a simple interest bearing solution that could apply to various kinds of use cases.

This is but one idea.

The thing that has been bouncing around in my head is that it may not be enough to create the base products (SMART Yield Seniors, Juniors etc). We may have to actively package these base products into turnkey solutions built on top of them.

So SMART Yield as the base for a portfolio of solutions > SMART Salary, Smart Pay, Smart Treasury etc

So thinking about things from the point of view of the various user types, and then engineering solutions that build specific UI’s for specific use cases.

So I have an idea to develop and sponsor a hackathon around this, basically for UI’s to be built on top of SY. We could present a few ideas that teams could tackle and also leave it open ended for other ideas to come with their own ideas.

It would be a way to engage the wider DeFi community by encouraging teams with a financial incentive. It would also widen the scope of technical teams thinking through bran new solutions.

Actively attracting more builders into the BarnBridge ecosystem would be a net positive.

Per @lordtylerward it sounds like SMART Secret would be a big enabler of new solutions. So it would be appropriate to wait for its release to enact a plan like this.

Just wanted to start the conversation and begin to gather community feedback and input that could feed intro crafting a program we are able to run with once SMART Secrete is in place

Derived from a discord exchange that started here:

I am for a hackathon but once SMART Secret launches I think we see what Atpar wants to go to market with, let that roll out and then see if we can build and put a team around Bond Bet who both pool together and polygon specifically have all asked to build longer term alignment with (along with Synthetix new project Thales actually - shout out to our beloved Ser Danijel). So I think we roll out Atpar idea in a structure like Kwenta/Thales/etc. Then after we do that we do a hackathon for the other project that is just sitting there waiting for a team to take the reigns on it, then we can keep iterating in that fashion with a hackathon. Also - Compound said they will co-sponsor a Hackathon with us and they are super keen to do it if we want to do something sooner. Just giving internal reference and my frame of mind for context in how we handle this.

So tldr - if we wait 30-60 days on this great idea I think we can structure all of this better from a planning and bandwidth perspective.

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