UI for app.barnbridge.com

Two of the most important features of smart yield are that the senior apy is fixed and that the yield and principal enjoy significantly more collateralization by the junior tranche.

Currently each time a potential user reloads app.barnbridge.com they are presented with a the dynamic apy for both the senior and junior tranches. The way this is currently displayed a new user could erroneously perceive the senior tranche as also being variable.

Showing the last 3-5 senior NFTs that have been minted might be a good way to dispelled that perception.

Also, displaying a yield coverage ratio and/or over collateralization amount for the senior tranche would better communicate the value proposition.



Hi Andreas! I recognize your name from ClubHouse – are you the same? Either way, welcome to the BB forum.

I agree with you that additional insights in the UI would be helpful. Historical mints and jtoken entries across the ecosystem would be super interesting to see in real time. If memory serves, you mentioned you work in the TradFi space – related to BB, what kind of analytics and dashboarding do you use day to day to help understand your work better?

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Yes sir!

Happy to hop on another clubhouse to discuss ideas.

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