Visibility into LP Impermanent Loss

Gents, love what you are doing here, fantastic project!

One of the things that make me nervous about turning over my LP tokens to a 3rd party for staking is that I lose the ability to get quick visibility into impermanent loss for my position that is likely to occur when leaving LP tokens in place for many weeks.

Most investors won’t be happy if it turned out that they gained a token in staking, but lost a good portion of that token via impermanent loss (not saying that has happened, but if it were to).

I think a slick feature for this, and all other LPs for that matter, would be a calendar feature where you can click on a prior date. The function will then look at historical LP ratios from that date, put a theoretical 10k/10k split in the pool for that date, and compute what the current estimated Impermanent Loss for that position would be today from that date.

I’m guessing the vast majority of investors would greatly appreciate it.

Just a thought…

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I think it’s good to have a feature but it’s not important. Because applications like Zapper, Zerion, Debank, and all other analytical applications can implement this and might be a good feature request for them.


Maybe a calculation based on your percentage of the pool and the current token ratios in Uniswap. I wouldn’t track IL, just show current token position. DeBank does this currently. Simple calculation tbh. Anything to increase liquidity is a good thing.

You can always use to efficiently track your LP positions. It doesn’t take into account your staking rewards for Barnbridge for some reason, but it does a great job at giving you a clear overview of your profits/losses.


@FEPOCrypto Try to use I think it’s exactly what you’re looking for.


For the calculation of IL I use