We need to get more people talking about Barnbridge

Before launching Smart Yield, we had to plan a marketing campaign to get more people aware of BarnBridge and to use our first bond product. Bond This is innovative, something we all agree on, but not many people seem to know about it. Maybe we could do a marketing campaign for it, like a viral pull? Perhaps a few bonds could be used to inspire people to help Barnbridge get new, as 1Inch did, or in other cases. What do you think? Any better ideas or suggestions


I’m pretty pumped by the fact the token value has grown nicely with hardly any marketing. I’m inclined to believe the cream will rise to the top and the quality of the project will find the right audience. It’s only a matter of time (probably post product launch) that Coin Bureau does a follow up - I love that we’re essentially a sleeper hit, and that is a good narrative too. Going on a shill campaign is likely to attract pump and dump attention could actually hurt us. Keeping our community strong and the team focussing on shipping great product will yeild us the best outcomes in the long run. Just my two satoshi’s.


You are right about getting more people to be excited about BOND. But the problem is not about how many people know about it but how many can be ready to use it. The smart Yield will allow people to have fixed yield as well as variable yield. Those are decisions to be made based on one’s risk tolerance.

For now, I think each one of us should individually be talking about BOND and SMART products in DeFi communities that we are part of. Those people are the ones in a position to understand and aligned to the incentives that BB platform brings.

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The priority should be community growth at this stage, in my opinion. You can’t growth-hack a community, though. That takes time, which is why we should really focus on building the product itself (which will attract valuable community members), instead of already trying to sell the product.

In the end, a community member who contributes actively to the project is much, much more “profitable” than someone who starts using our product, in my opinion. The former can help expand the ecosystem, spread the word about the project,… the latter will “merely” use the product.


I made a 1inch marketing strategy suggestion in another thread, so I agree with a referral program in the future, but I do think we need to wait for one of the products to launch first. Once we have a functioning product and see how the protocol features and benefits work in live action. I believe we will have a better understand of what we should or should not do.

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I’ve been involved in a lot of sales and marketing efforts (not for financial products) and one thing that has always been true is that the delicate balance between awareness/hype and availability of the product has to be carefully reached. Sure you want to get the word out there but without something to show, it tends to fall flat quickly and this appears to be doubly true in the defi world where things evolve rapidly.

Something to consider would be private demonstrations to key potential users/investors and partners (bound by NDA if necessary) to seed the necessary understanding of the product and demonstrate clearly the value.

I agree. Make couple of top sponsored influencer video:

  • coin bureau
  • datadash
  • lark davis
  • young & investing

There are top quality content creators who will definately agree to reach out with our product. They are looking for quality materials to delvier!

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I think this topic would be great in the “Ideas” category. I don’t see anything wrong with “get more people talking about Barnbridge”, as long as they know more about the products (or the problems they solve) than they did before it gets brought up. The marketing tactics don’t always have to be Brand-oriented. I like the idea of educating more around tranches. A % of Andre’s followers may not have heard the word before his tweet the other day, so there’s still an opportunity to educate and simplify the story/potential of tranching risk.

If you build it they will come. DeFi is incredibly crowded, but it is still in its infancy. Any protocol bringing something new, exciting, safe, and functional to the table will garner organic attention. People want to gossip and talk about crypto already without having to be marketed into it. At this stage, the products being produced here are unique and I think just their launch alone will be much more effective than a marketing campaign. With so many newbies in crypto looking for 100x returns, overt marketing seems to just drive in the type of people you actually don’t want investing.

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One thing that we could do that would potentially at least foster cohesion between our communities is to create a bounty for $BOND to other communities to join our community and we do a snapshot with protocols we want to work with (similar to what Illuvium did with their NFT) and we basically say we’ll give “X” amount of $BOND to the people who join our community from their community. Many people will leave but many will also stay.

This sort of merges with the “airdrop tokens to other protocols” but we’d be airdropping them to their communities. It doesn’t have to be a ton to be effective.


I could see this happening, but I think it would need to be the right communities. I think it would work best with like minded communities or communities that can easily see the value. The first two communities that come to mind are synthetix network and aave. Not only are they partners already, synthetix you can use in the protocol (I believe) and aave is part of the investment protocol options. Additionally, the people on these platforms are into defi protocols. These factors will improve the likelihood of people staying, using the protocol, and adding value to bond. Just my thoughts.

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SNX is high on the list as well. So is Aave. But I wonder if there are downstream projects with scrappy dev teams who are hungry.

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“If you build it he will come” would be my philosophy. I think we need to be patient. People will speak about Barnbridge word of mouth organically which is the best marketing. It’s early days. For that reason I would not rush into marketing tactics until there’s a few more products to chose from. I think today’s proposal of bond rewards for Junior holders will keep a good momentum going.

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Up and coming down stream projects that I can think of are Reef Finance, 1Inch, Acala Network, and Flare (Flare is linked to the XRP community). These smaller cap projects or projects that are launching have very strong and active communities. I can see these communities as good targets for building relationships. For some mid cap communities, I am thinking of Compound and Marker.

(Side Note)
It would also be nice to add some functionality with Reef’s financial investment tool or Acala’s stable coin, but that is me looking extremely far in the future.

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As NFTs are very en-vogue these days. Cannot we get a NFT competition out for the NFT artists and have that as an airdrop for the BOND DAO Stakers by a pre-defined Date (Snapshot). There could be “2 separates” BARNBRIDGE NFTs for BOND DAO Stakers and BOND DAO STAKERS with min 50 LOCKED BONDs for 6mt, e.g. to demonstrate committment to the Protocol, etc.

Just an Idea.

Some interviews of the team by some youtube influencers might help. (Lark Davis,
Anthony Pompliano,Crypto Zombie)

Except for the team video, I haven’t seen much valuable youtube content about Barnbridge.
Only this video:

Youtube influencers somehow create visibility although there is a bit of pump and dump happening at times.


Also Bankless episode would be nice.


Agree, with proposal to “get people talking”, agree with comments dev focus is important but both objectives can be met by effectively promoting the roadmap. I think it’s arrogant and to assume you are the “cream that will rise to the top” and the focus should be on maximizing the opportunity to attract more people to understand the roadmap.

Let the fees build up for months and months or even a year or two and then let people talk about that. Don’t distribute fees until all Bond has been allocated so a good year or two. When people see there is an actual financial value to holding Bond, and can see a large number building up, it will become a talking point. It will also stop people from selling bond if the first distribution of fees is in a year or so. They will be missing out if they sell now on guaranteed future fees…

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